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Ambitious events of 29 September

1650 – The first marriage bureau begins in England.

1789 – US War Department establishes permanent army.

138 – Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established.

1885 – The world’s first passenger electric tram ‘Way Blackpull’ starts in England.

1911 – Italy declares war against the Attan Empire (Turkey).

1915 – First intercontinental message sent from coverage.

1918 – Bulg Tajia, during World War I, surrendered to the combined forces of Ben and Britain. In World War I, this country was a component of Germany, Austria, and Osmani rule.

1927 – Communication service between US and Mexico started.

1941 – The Nazi German Afghan force ‘Death Squilled’ slaughtered in the Bavi Yar of Kiev. In which 33,771 Jews were killed.

1957 – Radiation spread over an area of   750 sq km from the leak at the Soviet Union’s nuclear plant.

1959 – India’s Aarti Shah swims to become the first Asian woman to cross the English Channel.

1962 – Birla Planetarium opens in Kolkata.

1971 – A cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal killed about 10 thousand people.

1977 – The Soviet Union orbits the space station Year 6.

1992 – Free elections were held for the first time in Angola, a country in the southern part of the African continent.


2000 – 100 deaths in Munchorn Cake Mine, China.

2001 – The United Nations passes the US Anti-Terrorism Resolution.

2002 – Inauguration of the 14th Asian Games in Busan.

2003 – Iran decides to continue the uranium decontamination program.

2006 – World’s first female astronaut, Iranian national Anusheh Ansari returned to Earth safely.

2009 – In the latest boxing ranking of the International Boxing Federation, Bijender was given the first time in the 75kg with 2700 points.

Born on 29 September

1901 – The world-renowned Italian physicist Enrico Ferni is born in the city of Rome. The inhom atom valence was formed.

1928 – Indian diplomat and first National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra is born.

1932 – Famous Indian comedian and producer-director Mahmood is born.

1934 – Great West Indian spinner Lance Gibbs is born. He took 309 wickets in 79 Test matches. He played just three ODIs.

1943 – Mohammed Khatami – Fifth President of Iran.

1947 – S. H. Kapadia – was the 38th Chief Justice of India.

Condemnation on 29 September

1902 – French writer Emile Zola dies. Many of his books, such as Nana and Germinal, became famous.

1913 – Rudolph Diesel, who revolutionized industries and transport by giving diesel engines to the world, was killed in a fire.

1942 – Matangini Hazara – Famous female revolutionary.

1944 – Gopal Sen – the famous revolutionary of West Bengal.

1970 – Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasir passes away.

2004 – Balamani Amma – was a famous Malayalam poet.

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