Along with studying, it is necessary to give rites to children as well. It is not necessary to be read and written; Degree does not work; Knowledge is useful.

Along with studying, it is necessary to give rites to children as well. It is not necessary to be read and written; Degree does not work; Knowledge is useful.

there was a boy. Was very brilliant. All life came first. Always scored 100% in science. Now such boys usually go to become engineers, so they got selected in IIT Chennai. B Tech did it from there and went to America to study further from there. Finished further studies from there. M.Tech Vagaira must have done something, then he did his MBA from University of California.

Now after studying this, you get a good job there. Hear that there is always a top too. Started working there. It is said that he had a 5 bedroom house. Married here to a very beautiful girl from Chennai. It is said that father-in-law was also a big man, he gave many kilos of gold to dowry to his girl.

Now in our present day India, ideal life cannot be imagined by this. What more can a man ask for in his life? Became an engineer by writing, settled in America, fat salary job, wife, happiness, happiness, then hero heroine happily wandered in a corruption-free environment on the clean streets there.

What future do you see of that engineer boy in life? Does everything look good? But no, three years before today he committed family suicide in the US. He also shot himself by shooting his wife and children. What went wrong? After all, what happened, where was the mess.

Before taking this step, he discussed with his wife, then wrote a long suicide note and justified in it his step and even wrote that this was the best way in these circumstances. His case and that suicide note have been studied by California Institute of Clinical Psychology. What went wrong

It happened that his job was lost in America’s economic recession. I sat empty for a long time. Kept searching for jobs Then he reduced his salary and yet when the job was not found, when the installment of the house broke down, then there was a chance of coming on the road. Some days a petrol pump is said to be full of oil. Endured all this for a year and then finally committed suicide… Khushi Khushi and her wife too agreed to it, Khushi Khushi. Yes, they have written that we are all very happy that now everything will be alright, all the troubles will be over.

Experts have concluded this case study like this: This man was programmed for success but he was not trained, how to handle failure. This person was ready for success, but he was not taught in life how to face failure

Let’s look at his life from the beginning. I know many such parents who want that their child always comes first, there should be no mistake from him. If you make a mistake, it is as if someone has committed a big sin and for this they do everything, always to come first. Then such children, because the teachers are much more, so the chance of such pangs is reduced to sports, walking, fighting, fighting, beating, the poor, they got the burden of engineering college when they got out of the 12th and the poor, they left from there. So MBA and was still studying for a thick salary job. Now hefty salary is a big responsibility, that is, big targets.

This world is fucking hard, and this life takes a different test. He has no meaning with your college degree and marksheet. It doesn’t matter how many numbers there are. This life sets its own separate question paper. And the question is all out of syllabus, it takes crooked rams, oat patang and daily exams. No date sheet.

An anecdote was read in an English novel. A lamb stepped away from his mother. At first, he was surrounded by a buffalo herd. Somehow left from being crushed under their feet. Just a little further, a jackal pounced on him. Somehow saved the life by entering the bushes, then wolves appeared from the front. Stayed there in the bushes for a long time, somehow when he came back to his mother, he said, Mother, there is a very dangerous forest. Mom, there is a jungle out

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