▪ Famous sports commentator who gave commentary at 9 Olympics, 8 Hockey World Cup and 6 Asian Games

* Ajdev Singh *

ક્યાં Where to install 56 Wing Augmented and Purifying Units to reduce pollution?

* Delhi *

Who was the Player of the Year at the AIFIFA Awards Ceremony

* Acroidea Modrich *

Who became the world’s most expensive player at the AIFIFA Awards Ceremony?

* Neymar from Brazil *

Where to find a wreckage of a 400-year-old submerged ship?

* The capital of Portugal, near the city of Lisbon on the shores of Kashkaiશ *

Who is New Zealand’s Prime Minister right now?

* Ajacinda Arden *

How many feet of permanent glare from Solar World’s tallest lamp CM Vijaybhai Rupani launches on Sabarmati Riverfront

* 36 feet *

Which of the two cities in Saudi Arabia starts the highspeed train between?

* Amatka and Medina *

Amhendra Singh Dhoni becomes the first Indian captain to lead the Indian team in ODIs.

* ✔200 *

September 27

* World Tourism Day *

Which state is the top most visited state of India in foreign tourists?

* Tamil Nadu with 47.21 lakh tourists *

CM Roopanee launches new building to be constructed at Asahibagh, Ahmedabad.

* French Corrupt Bureau – ACB *

ન્ડો Commando Lance Nayak, who participated in Surgical Strike in POK in 2016, was killed in the fight against terrorists in Kupwala.

* Sandeep Singh *

Which Bangladeshi film starring Irrfan Khan has been sent to the Oscars?

* Adobe: No Bed of Roses *

Who is the only player on Forbes’ list of future influencers?

* APV Sindhu *

What will stop Narendra Modi’s dream project of running a bullet train between Ahmedabad-Mumbai?

* Privacy *

* Support Needed *

To pick up an ePanCard

For ✔IT returns

For government schemes and subsidies

Which airline recently showed air show operations by the Indian Air Force in Vadodara?

* By The Radiation Hawk *

The Echo ran for 24 hours in a row, at a maximum of 124 km. Set a world record for running

* Oliver Geoff, 85, of Eriton *

Who becomes the new Indian captain for the Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament

* Amanpreet Singh *

September 27 – World Tourism Day Theme❓

* Aurorism and Cultural Protection *

કેટ How many days should the case be heard?

* ✔38 *

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the number one captain in more than one hundred tie one-day cricket.

* ✔5 *

Who will be married to Badminton player Saina Nehwal?

* Abedminton player with P. Kashyap *

What new policy does the Central Cabinet allow Telecom?

*NDCP-2018 *

India ranks among the 162 countries in the Economic Freedom Index

* 96th (Hong Kong and Singapore top) *

How many villages of Achchha and North Gujarat are declared deficient

893 villages of Ekacha and 444 villages of North Gujarat *

Which 158 year old clause of IPC considers homosexual relations to be criminal with a married woman?

* Acme 497 *

United Nations (UN) awarded PM Modi and French President Macro the biggest environmental honor

* The Earth of the Champion *

In which category does Narendra Modi receive the Champion of the Year?

* In the Policy Leadership Category *

▪ “Praying in the mosque is not an integral part of Islam.” – What justice does the phrase contain?

* Justice Ashok Bhushan *

યા What visas were terminated in the United States?

* AH1-B Visa *

Former Rajiv of Rajasthan, former finance minister of Gujarat and known as the grandfather of his grandfather who has passed away.

* Amanohar Singh Jadeja *

Who has been appointed as the new head of BSF?

* Arjunikant Mishra *

About train T-18 to launch ‘Rail Revolution’ coming soon in Bharat *

An engineless T-18 train will run in place of Ishtabadi Express

.160 km / h speed

The Atrain coach will have a power car

Has become the same in India.

Known as the ‘train set’

Named T-18, due to be made in 2018

The body of the Atrain is made of aluminum.

In which famous temple of Kerala is a 800 year old tradition set aside for women to enter the temple?

* Asburyimala Temple *

Who was appointed as the captain of Indian team for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup?

* Uhrmanpreet *

Where was the inauguration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, two years after the surgical strike?

* In Ajodhpur *

India ranks number one in the world in terms of spending on education

* 136th *



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