Best Age Calculator Apps for Android

Best Age Calculator Apps for Android

Usually under the word age is perceived a number. It represents the entire period of life from birth to the present and is usually calculated in years. Despite the fact that the question “How old are you” is quite simple, people are not always able to answer it.

Especially when you are asked about the age of another person, not you personally. Perhaps you yourself would be interested to know how old you would be in another country or in other units.

Top Age Calculator Apps for Android

1) Age Calculator by GeekMindApps

If you were wondering how long you have already lived and how many days are behind you, the  Age Calculator is a great way to learn this information.

The application is made in a simple style, which will not seem too bright or overloaded. On a dark background, there are icons for several basic functions, which you can try immediately after installation.

Age Calculator allows you to calculate your age in different measuring units. You can even know the full time in seconds how long you have lived. Also, your data can be saved, and in Age Calculator will count down to your next birthday.

You can compare your age with your friends – maybe you are only 10 days older than one of them, but you have never thought about it. In the same way, you can see the countdown to any other important dates and events for you.

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2) Age Calculator by Date of Birth

Did you count the number of days left before the holiday in your childhood? One such long-awaited holiday is the birthday, which many people are looking forward to.

In the Age Calculator application, you can find out how long you have to wait until such a great event. It should be noted that you don’t need to enter your birthday – in this way you can calculate the time before the holiday of your friend or spouse.

Age Calculator automatically gets the current date to calculate your age or someone else’s. The measurement is made in years, months, and even seconds so that you have the most accurate information possible.

The interface of Age Calculator is simple, but at the same time clear. In order to mark the desired date, the application will provide you with a visual calendar, on which you will choose the desired day and month. If necessary, Age Calculator will even remind you of the upcoming event, so that you surely have not missed anything.

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3) Mental Age Calculator

Sometimes a person may feel like a teenager even at the age of 48. The same situation can happen with young people – their life path was so complicated that they feel much older.

Mental Age Calculator is a special application, which will help you to calculate what is your mental and emotional age. It can be significantly different from your physical age, and in both directions.

If you have heard from friends that you behave like a child, then you can find out if it really corresponds to reality. The whole application is a set of tests, with which you can understand your emotional state and age.

Each question of the tests should be answered sensibly and carefully so that the result is as close to reality as possible. In Mental Age Calculator, there are more complex questions with multiple answers or text-based answers – in this case, just enter the desired number or word in a special field.

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4) Age Calculator by Android Code Play

Age Calculator is another very simple and concise application, which is designed to calculate your age. All you need to do is to enter the necessary data in several fields in the application and click on the calculation button.

These data are your date of birth and the current date. Unfortunately, Age Calculator does not receive it automatically and users are forced to enter it themselves.

For your convenience in the application, you can choose a date directly in the calendar, marking the desired day by clicking. After calculating all the data Age Calculator will display the information.

This will be your current age in years, months, and days, as well as the time, left until your next birthday. In Age Calculator you can even see which days of the week your holiday will fall on in the future. So you can plan a party in advance and arrange a great party for yourself and your friends in advance.

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5) Age Calculator by EasyAppDevTeam

It’s hard for you to tell what your age is in months at the moment. We have no doubt that in real life this information is not so important for you and your friends, but it is very interesting to know.

Age Calculator will help all people who have difficulty calculating age. Here you can easily and quickly find out how old you or your friend is, as well as more detailed information – for example, how many months or minutes you are old.

Age Calculator also automatically calculates the time left until your next birthday. It is possible that your grandmother’s anniversary is in a month, and you didn’t even know about it and didn’t think about gifts at all.

Now, when using Age Calculator, such information will not escape your attention. You will be able to send the received figures to your friends, and you can set the notification a few days before the holiday.

Some of the applications we present are so simple calculators that you could calculate the data yourself on a piece of paper. You can also use a standard calculator. But why do it, if a special application can do it for you?

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