Set Up a Free Website With Google 2022

Set Up a Free Website With Google Blogging is the best way to earn money in the Internet world. Do you also want to create your own blog or want to create a free website that you can also start earning money online, then today we are going to give you complete information about how to create a free blog and website.

Before creating a blog, for your information, let us tell you that there are many bloggers who started blogging part time and today they earn so much from blogging that they do not need to do any job. Because there is no limit to earn money from blog, you can earn lakhs of rupees too and Harsh Agrawal is the biggest example of this.

Free Website With Google

There are many platforms on the Internet to create a free blog and website. We are going to tell you about those two platforms which are the most popular and reliable that you can make a free blog and a professional blog website.

First of all it is very important for you to know what is blog and what is blogger and blogging. So that you will get answers to many questions that come in your mind beforehand.

This result will be better when you do some search in google. Whom we and people like you write are called bloggers, who help people by sharing their knowledge and earn money online.

Like your search “free blog website kaise banaye” and .

such as .

Blog is similar to a website and works like a website and it is not computer language knowledge. How to have a fast running blog and website.

Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Free Blog and Website
If you stop using the computer you will learn to create free blogs and websites. We are always telling about our blog and website about our blogging career.

Blogger and WordPress This is the most popular platform to create a free blog and website, today we will learn you step by step how to create such a website.

how to create a free blog on blogger

This service is a product of Blogger. Which is popular for creating free blog website. Your blogger blogger also said this due to the launch of his big blogger blogger blogging career.

  1. First time on
  2. Sign up with your Gmail account to create a blog
  3. Now select Google+ profile and blogger profile as you have option and set up profile. Click on Create Blog Later.

Set Up a Free Website With Google

If the address of your blog is then the title of your blog is written.

Your blog address is written that your blogs are finished by searching in google like your address will be available then, “This blog address is available” will appear.

You can change your family theme any way you want.

Click Create Blog. Now you can post and publish to your blog and then restart.

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