Download home work for std 1 & 8.

Download home work for std 1 & 8.

The pattern of holiday homework has changed. Teachers of schools in the city are often given such homework to children in the holiday, which will increase their knowledge and also bring some creativity in them. Parents should also recognize the hidden creativity inside children.

Download home work for std 1 & 8.

Creative work
This type of holiday homework seeks to sharpen children’s creativity. The talent inside them is taken out. They are given art and craft projects, clay modeling, painting etc. to make projects. Along with this, the focus is on how to use old things.

  • જે ધોરણ નું ગૃહ કાર્ય ડાઉનલોડ કરવું હોય તેના પર ક્લિક કરો
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Fear of homework
Children often run away as soon as they hear the name of homework, but if the holiday is about homework, then the children show great enthusiasm in doing it. The reason is that holiday homework is not centered on a subject but diversified. It tries to improve the talent hidden inside the children. The pattern of holiday homework has now changed. Until recently, children in holiday homework were given work related to the subject. Because of which children used to get bored.

But now it is not like that. Most of the schools in the city offer children to do something creative, connect them socially, etc. as holiday homework. According to Central Academy Principal Vinay Jhalani, children are busy on internet, computer games, gadgets etc., due to which socially away. This is taken care of while giving holiday homework, which increases the responsibility of children towards society, respect for others.

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