What happens if you get vaccinated by different companies in both doses of Corona vaccine? Experts found the answer

What happens if you get vaccinated by different companies in both doses of Corona vaccine? Experts found the answer

Scientists at Oxford University conducted research on people over the age of 50Volunteers in the research were given 
Research has shown that giving both doses to a different company has a mild side effect on volunteers.

A strange case came up in Partur taluka of Maharashtra. Dattatreya, 72, a resident of the village, has taken a second dose of the
He took the first dose of covexin and was admitted to the hospital a few days ago with the second dose of cove shield. Research has shown that if the two doses of the vaccine are taken separately, what exactly is the condition? In such a situation it is especially important to understand this type of research. According to research in the Lancet Medical Journal, if a person takes both doses from a different company, he or she may experience problems such as headaches and tingling, but these side effects are mild and short-lived.
Scientists at Oxford University have done research to understand how taking doses from two different companies affects a person. Volunteers involved in the research were given the first dose of Astrazeneca and the second dose of Pfizer. An interval of 4 weeks was maintained between the two doses.
The purpose of this research is to find out the side effects of giving doses from two different companies as well as to meet the shortage of vaccines in low and middle income countries.

In our country, it is mandatory to take both doses from the same company as per the guideline of the Ministry of Health. However many countries are following the vaccine mash-up. In France, people who received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been given the second dose of Pfizer and the Bioentec vaccine.
Less side effects but no conclusions about immunity
According to Matthew Snape, professor of pediatrics and vaccineology at Oxford, this is an interesting piece of research and the results are not what we expected. This research has observed the side effects of giving both doses from different companies. However, in the coming days, research will be done on the immunity against corona.


The research was conducted on 830 volunteers over the age of 50. It uses vaccines from 4 different companies.
Research found that 10% of volunteers who were given a mixed vaccine dose had more tingling compared to a single dose.

According to Snape, the research involved people over the age of 50. Different results of vaccine mixed-up can be seen on youngsters. According to the researchers, not all company vaccines are effective in mixed vaccination doses, but it does not matter if the vaccine target is the same. This means that if the vaccine from a different company attacks the spike protein of the virus and is given a dose, it can be effective.


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