suvichar in gujarati 2019 : સુવિચાર ઈન ગુજરાતી ૨૦૧૯


suvichar in gujarati

  • Someday if you find a betrayal in love,

Don’t take action

Because the opposite one can be found somewhere else

But your parents can’t find anyone else

Ready to be thirsty of your eyes,

Ready to be your heartbeat,

So if he comes and resurrects me,

I am ready to be a corpse every day.

Life has to run over time,

What is unacceptable must be done,

It doesn’t even give the world the right to cry,

Sometimes you have to laugh to show people.

If we can forget today, there is a bus,

If we can connect these two hearts today, the bus is,

In a world full of hate and venom,

We can live with love if there are two moments.

The person who is right lives in the hearts of the people.

But the kind of person who lives in the heart of God.

If you have success later in life, don’t despair,

Because it takes more than a fort to get a house.

Hate can happen in the veil of love .. !!

So the curtain of hate can also be loved .. !!

If anyone gets separated you understand yourself .. !!

If need be, he may love you too .. !!

The sea of ​​misery is like the sea,

Humans are lonely in the crowd,

Not all hope is fulfilled in life,

Because the star that fulfills the hope is broken as well

Who knew how old,

The impact of a loneliness in life,

Someone asked where – how are you?

He told the whole story.

Do not ridicule the power of luck,

Do not rejoice in inanimate desires;

Do not sit – if you have a bad breath,

Don’t try to believe in tax stuff, bad stuff.

From nectar to the lips,

I can shake hands of death in an instant;

This is my poem, Sanjeevani is ‘injured’.

I can sit on the couch.

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